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What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history. It also examines the social structures.

Information sources for investigations can be the church books, census lists, official certificates, municipal registers, estate inventories, muster rolls, military master cards, war diaries, emigration documents, historical maps, historical newspaper library etc.

It is very valuable to research and save your family history for yourself or for your posterity. It is also a great gift idea.

What possibilities do we offer?

Genealogical research can be defined and presented in many ways. A popular research is the paternal line (or any other family line) research as far back in time as possible. With church books we can typically reach early 1700s or late 1600s. In some cases, census lists and land title registers allow us to research the family history even further, even to 1500s.

It is also possible to go forward in time and research the descendants of a certain person/couple.

Additionally, we can find living relatives and trace missing persons, or order official certificates for a declaration of estate.

Why choose SukuHaku?

Genealogy Office SukuHaku performs professional and reliable investigations. Years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers guarantee a result that you can trust. Our customer base consists of private persons, international probate genealogists, heir researchers as well as foreign governments.

We always make sure that all the information is correct and authenticated. In private investigations you can rely on our discretion and privacy protection.

In historical research we always try to include more content than just the personal data. That can be done by including copies of the original sources, historical events and events of life for the families in question. Also the places of residence, occupations and causes of death for example.


Ancestor research

We can research your ancestors. Whole paternal line all at once, or just one generation at a time.

Descendant research

We can research all descendants of a certain person or a couple who lived in the past.

Special research

We can research something specific the customer wants. For example, relationship to a certain known person, immigration, career as a soldier etc.

Family trees and charts

We offer you a variety of reports, family trees, wall charts, and ancestor diagrams. Also hand drawn family trees.

Finding missing people

We can trace missing persons and lost relatives according to your needs.

Heir and estate research

We can help you find the heirs to the estate and provide you with all the necessary official documents and certificates.

Changing your last name

We can do the investigation that is needed for a name change in Finland, if you want to apply for a last name that was used by your ancestors.

Official certificates

We can order official documents and certificates for any use, for example from parish or the population registry.




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